BerryPepper Days

BerryPepper Days

Creighton’s annual celebration, BerryPepper Days, is held on the 3rd full weekend in June each summer. Visitors in town for the celebration take part in a kiddie parade, road rally, family barbecue in the park, fly-in breakfast, VFW breakfast and the Legion chicken feed, Sunday afternoon parade, and a baseball tournament. BerryPepper Days are hosted by the Creighton Area Chamber of Commerce.

What is a BerryPepper?

At first a BerryPepper was Dr. Pepper and Strawberry pop poured from bottles into paper cups and frozen. Later, Dr. Pepper syrup and water were added to the recipe.

Where can I buy a BerryPepper?

BerryPepper Frozen Treats can be found in Creighton at C-Mart, Gragert’s Grocery, & Creighton Swimming Pool.

How do you eat a BerryPepper?

​It is an art when it comes to eating a BerryPepper. First you must squeeze the bottom of the cup, forcing the frozen treat upward and when able to grab the frozen treat, you take it out of the cup, turn it upside down, and put it back in the cup.

Road Rally Committee

Karla Kuhlman
Tyler Fuchtman
Carmen Moeller

Dance Committee

Brandon & Tara Gragert
Brent & Andrea Egglering

Parade Committee

Lindsay Nelson
Dan Morrill


Ribfest Committee

Mike Zerbe
Brandon Gragert
Brent Eggerling
Brad York
Tom Gragert
Steve Morrill
Randy Ebel
Chad Horstmann

Nominating Committee

Mike Zerbe
Brandon Gragert


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P.O. Box 188
Creighton, NE 68729-0188


(402) 358-3557




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