In 1999, a dream became reality when a garden was created for the City of Creighton. For along time, residents of the Creighton Care Center and their families had commented that they view from their windows was rather plain. Helen Borgmann, the daughter of resident Elizabeth Rothenberger, shared this opinion, and approached the Creighton Area Health Services Auxiliary about the possibility of creating a garden for the residents of the Care Centre and the city of Creighton to enjoy. Not long after, planning began.The project was financed largely by a generous donation from a benefactor, Betty Radosti, given in memory of her sister, an avid gardener. Other donations and help from many volunteers advanced the project quickly, and soon it was time to choose a name for the completed garden.

It was finally decided that the new garden would be known as Elizabeth’s Garden, named for the benefactor, Betty Radosti, and for Helen Borgmann’s mother Elizabeth Rothenberger. What follows is a description of Elizabeth’s Garden.

As you step through the gate in the vinyl fence surrounding this oasis, you will immediately recognize the smell of fresh flowers. Large trees provide shade as you stroll through Elizabeth’s Garden. The wide, curving walks wind throughout the garden, providing opportunities to get a closer look at the many beautiful annuals and perennials spread throughout the area.

Dwarf trees, shrubs, roses, vines, and ornamental grasses enhance the butterfly sculpture. Artifacts of a bygone era accent the natural beauty of the plantings, and carefully placed rocks complete the effect.

Guests can relax on one of the comfortable benches and picnic tables or stop in the gazebo, located in the center of the garden. A raised planter even gives Care Centre residents the chance to take part in caring for the flowers and plants. Visitors and citizens of Creighton are welcome in this tranquil haven, found at the Creighton Care Centre, next to the hospital on the west end of town. We cordially invite you to come share this beautiful place with us!